Kleom Apartment Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa

アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン

アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン

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アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン

アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン,!

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アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン,アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン オークリー

アシックス太極拳ウーシューWUTOW013ホワイト×ゴールド(0194) オンライン

Γιούρι Καγκάριν, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
10 /10

Kleom Apartment Ayia Napa

Kleom apartment is located around 600 meters away from Ayia Napa Monastery and 900 meters from Thalassa Museum.

The apartment is set next to a museum and a monastery. Serving a wide range of dishes, Blueberries Restaurant and Bar and Panda Chinese & Sushi are about 50 meters from the property.

Rooms are complete with an in-room safe, cable TV with on-demand movies, pay TV, a seating area and a work desk.

The apartment features a kitchenette for self-catering.

There is a sunbathing terrace as a spot to unwind.

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Main Features
  • Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • + More


Tourist attractions in

Ayia Napa
Local sights
  • Nissi Beach - 2.3 km
  • Makronissos Beach - 3.5 km
  • Marrakech Spa - 650 m
  • Nissi Watersports - 2.3 km
  • Ayia Napa Municipality - 600 m
  • The Aeneas Spa - 650 m
  • WaterWorld Waterpark - 4.5 km
  • Larnaca International Airport - 36.1 km

Prices & Availability

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  • Wi-Fi


  • Cookware/ Kitchen utensils

Leisure & Sports

  • Sun terrace

Room Amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Sitting area
  • Dressing area
  • Dining table
  • Flat-screen TV
Main Features
  • Internet
  • Air conditioning


Check-in:from 14:00-21:00 hours
Check-out:until 12:00 hours
  • Children and extra beds
  • There are no extra beds provided in a room.
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